Thursday, December 23, 2010


I'm not sure why with me today, but today I certainly felt like "dalam hati ada taman" .. but I do not know whether these feelings are appropriate to the situation with all the problems being faced .. but what to know what the problem is there, I will always support and together with my family in the face of all the trials and challenges in this life ... what I give the love of a family that loved me ... I know what every successful man because a woman behind him, so is my family .. my husband is successful because of me that always support him ... I want Mr. Hubby knows that I'm always there with him....
I pray for all the trials we face today will end with the end of 2010 as well.. and hopefully in 2011 was to come I hope we will grow strong together to face whatever challenges that lie ahead and hopefully the problem by problem we have confronted in the year 2010 will no meet again...
"I should have told you, I Love You
before I even knew you..
I should have told you, I Love You
the first time that I held you...
I should have said, I Love You
the first time you smiled at me...
I should have said, I Love You
just because that you are you...
I should say now that, I Love You
because who am I without you..."
yayang, have I told You lately that I Love You...yes, I Love You so much :)

p/s:: tetiba mak nak cakap omputeh pulak untuk entry ni...hahahaha walaupun....

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